Who are we?

The team of CryptoGo is focused on analysis and reports of Token Generation Events (TGEs)/Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). It’s our goal to offer high quality and objective fundamental analysis from the segment of Initial Coin Offerings. In doing so, we not rely only on our own experience, but are also always on the cutting-edge due to our thorough networking in the cryptoscene. So that sound investment decisions can be made, all relevant information must be available. CryptoGo tries to aggregate exactly that information and to present it in a clear, understandable manner.

CryptoGo Community

Make contact with other interested crypto-enthusiasts on our Telegram Channel and stay up-to-date with our newest reports and analyses on up-and-coming ICOs.

Julian – Co-Founder and Analyst

Julian studied industrial engineering and founded a web-agency. He encountered blockchain and cryptocurrencies early 2017 while he worked as an investment analyst in a venture capital firm in germany. He quickly became enthusiastic about digital currencies and blockchain technology. He is focused on fundamental analyses and has deep experience in asset allocation, investment strategy and portfolio management and token engineering. After many successfully completed investments he decided to share his analyses on .

Simon – Co-Founder, Analyst and Cryptoenthusiast

Simon studied business informatics in Germany and the USA. After finishing his studies, he encountered cryptocurrencies during his time as a professional poker player and venture capital investor. He was immediately fascinated by the underlying blockchain technology and the resulting innovative power of new projects. His keen analytical skills and his technical expertise filled him with enthusiasm about the fundamental analysis of ICOs. Due to the increasing demand for his latest analyses he decided to publish these on .

Florian – Co-Founder, Analyst and Cryptoenthusiast

Florian studied industrial engineering and politcal science in Germany, Austria and Australia. While studying, he played poker on a high level and took part in World Championships several times. During that time he started investing into startups and really got interested in our economic and financial system.

This journey eventually led him to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies and became quickly his number 1 passion.

Besides being a big supporter of decentralized systems, he started developing frameworks for rating ICOs and crypto projects.

He shares his thoughts around the space regulary on CryptoGo and the CryptoGo Telegram Channel.